The Venus Fat Loss System

The venus factor

One great thing about the Venus factor weight loss program is that there is no hidden cost or further expenses other than the nominal fee which is charged. Woman who has taken up this program does not have to invest in any equipment for workout or prescription for pills or even any supplements during dieting.  There is no backbreaking exercise that is demanded. It is fun to pursue.

Exercise Routine to Burn Belly Fat

A bulging waistline is something that most women want to avoid during their lifetime. However, despite being extremely cautious most of the time we find we have unwanted belly fat and not know how to rid ourselves of it. Burning belly fat is an interval routine that you include in your normal cardio exercise.

For example, if jogging is your normal exercise, you will incorporate an interval within your jog where you crank up the pace. These 30 second or one minute high intensity exercise intervals within your normal jogging routine will be aimed at burning belly fat. According to studies done by University of Virginia these short high intensity exercise intervals are better at belly fat trimming than long low intensity exercises.

After a quick high intensity exercise interval tune it down and catch a breath. Once you’ve caught your breath crank it up for another 30 second interval and so on. As you continue with this interval exercise routine and get fitter, increase the time for high intensity workouts while reducing time for catching your breath.

Just like the belly fat did not appear in a day do not expect it to disappear in a day. Start slowly with short and fewer intervals then gradually increase the intensity of the routine.

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More Information & Resources

  1. Venus fat loss system is completely digitalized. Neither one has to visit an office, stand in lengthy queue to pay for the program, nor go to the classes/gym and do the exercises. Everything is available online at our convenience. One should only have to download it to our computer and start following the instruction. [read more]
  2. Its meal plan is very unique. This is based on the Venus index and it gives the exact amount of calories one must consume to get the desired attractive body. This gives one a right direction towards a healthy life. All that you should do is to alter the diet to suit the necessary calorie ratio.[read more]
  3. How does Venus factor work? Before finding an answer, we must know the reason for a woman to gain weight. It is due to the fact that her metabolism has become Leptin resistant. Letptin is a hormone which signals brain to burn fat and when it becomes resistant, brain does not burn fat resulting in storing of fat. Venus factor aims at stimulating the Leptin hormone to burn fat instinctively.[read more]

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